100% of your meals show up via delivery service at your desired location, fresh and ready to eat. They perfectly meet your macronutrient and caloric targets.

Rank your performance and hunger levels in under 60 seconds per day and the service gets smarter about what to send you.

Save at least 3.5 hours per week (if you're already super efficient). For some people, it saves 14+ hours per week.

We have a waiting list since we want to deliver exceptional service.
We’ll get to you as soon as we can! We run at break-even on costs as we’re growing.
No credit card or payment required to apply now and reserve your spot.

Clockwork Nutrition

Peak performance in no time

  • Body Composition

    We can get your nutrition just about perfect. If you eat only what we send you and nothing else — which is easy since we send you stuff that’s satiating, sufficiently novel and varied, and we prioritize sending you more of what you like — you can easily hit body composition goals. (Add training if you’re trying to gain mass; exercise recommended but optional if you’re looking to lose fat.) We adjust your numbers over time so they’re always correct and always sustainable.

  • Mental and Physical Performance

    To be honest, almost no one ever searches this out or seems to care about it which makes us sad. We think having better mental and physical performance is cool. We’ve got features for tracking and adjusting this now, are adding more integrations to do more over time, and if you’re scientifically literate and want help running specific experiments we’ll likely do it for you — want to see how certain evening meals effect your sleep or your performance the next morning? We like stuff like that. A lot.

  • Astounding Time Savings

    You have to eat or you die. Which sucks because there’s a lot of amazing ways in life to spend one’s time. We’ll take the amount of time you spend thinking about food and dealing with food to basically the bare minimum possible while still having you get good stuff. Even already-highly-efficient people save 3.5 hours per week. Most people save 10+ hours per week.


  1. 1. We get the key info on your stats, goals, and life patterns.

    We get the obvious info (height, weight, goals, etc) but also go deeper into risk factors like how stress affects your eating patterns, oddities in your routines and schedule, etc. We’re thorough.

  2. 2. One-on-one call with a senior team member

    To be frank we could automate it right now, but we want to make sure we do a good job and catch any edge cases. (We’re also happy to chat a bit about science, nutrition, training, biochemistry with you if you’re into this sort of thing.)

  3. 3. On your chosen start date, meals just start showing up via mainstream delivery services.

    On your chosen start date, meals just start showing up via mainstream delivery services. The food is all decent, with high variety, and meets your macro/micro/calorie targets perfectly.

  4. 4. It takes under 60 seconds per day to report to us your weight, recent performance, hunger levels, and how you liked the food.

    This is super fast. You don’t have to do it every day, but obviously the more we learn about you the better we can customize.

  5. 5. Our computers get smarter about sending you more of what you need and want.

    Yes, particular food types you like, but more importantly managing hunger and performance and making adjustments for you. With no need to think about it on your part.

  6. 6. Win at everything.

    Lose fat. Bulk up with more lean mass. Improve mental and physical performance. Oh — and astounding time savings. You’re going to love it.


  • Foolproof Results

    Our customers tend to be super smart, but nutrition can be kinda tricky even for smart people. We make food choices around satiety, macronutrient mixes appropriate to any workouts you do, and sufficient variety and novelty to keep the inner hedonist at bay.

  • 100% of Your Food Costs Included

    It’s all-in. We literally handle everything from planning perfect meal plans, ordering them for you, and making adjustments based on your stats over time. We handle all delivery logistics, fees, tipping, costs. A single all-in price for a week of food. It’s magical.

  • Biological and Nutritional Knowledge: Practical and Theoretical

    We read an incredible amount of research papers and regularly dialogue with experts in nutrition, biology, and science. More importantly, both our CTO and Lead Developer of Clockwork are champion-level athletes — Lee was San Bernardino City Champion in the mile; Luka is a national record holder in his country in various swimming categories and could have been an Olympian had he chosen to focus on that instead of Computer Science.

  • Experience in Shaping Behavior, Performance, Etc.

    We’re really good at shaping peak performance. We’ve got customers at just about every one of the "big name sexy tech companies” — as well as a lot of CEOs, professors, attorneys, etc. We get results for people in demanding fields.

  • Algorithms With a Human Touch

    The computer stuff we’re doing is legitimately really cool and sexy, but smart biologically-knowledgeable humans look at everything to make sure you don’t wind up with a plate of double meat with double cheese and a side of beans. Humans review everything for sanity and goodness.

  • Food Tastes Okay: Nothing Too Fancy, But High Variety and Quality

    Foodies might not like this service. It’s for people interested in reliable body composition results, better mental and physical performance, and time savings. That said, the food is all totally decent. We don’t send crap to you ever.

  • Dynamic Caloric and Macronutrient Adjustments

    Let us know when you’ve got heavy workouts and we can cycle the calories so you eat more on the days you work out and less on the days you don’t. If your hunger gets high or performance decreases, we’ll make adjustments for you automatically.

  • We Think We’re Fun Likable People, Too

    Yeah, really. Most people don’t think about this in who they choose as service providers, but we care. We’re, like, a cool company that our customers like a lot and treat people well. We’re into that sort of thing.

I'm really enjoying it and strongly recommend it. Clockwork takes all the thinking out of being consistent in my nutrition. The service is great, very personal and responsive. They do a great job with the food — I've felt no cravings on it, which has made it very easy for me to stay on diet.

Panashe Fundira
— Software Engineer, Dropbox

Automaticity / “Don’t Have to Think About It”

This will save you a ridiculous amount of time.
With Clockwork, your perfectly calibrated meal just shows up. It's like magic.

Nutrition that evolves with you

Clockwork gets smarter over time. It kinda feels like magic. Futuristic nutritional magic.

Automatic calorie and macro adjustments
No need to recalculate how many calories you should eat whenever you lose or gain. Simply tell Clockwork your weight every once in a while, and it adjusts the content of your upcoming meals for you.
That was good. Send me more!
So if you're super picky, Clockwork isn't for you. But when you happen to get a meal that you really enjoy, just mark that you want more and our computers will increase the frequency for you. Our algorithms aim to please.
Experiments and integrations
Want to see how certain evening meals affect your sleep or your performance the next morning? We like stuff like this. A lot. We’ve got some basic features here at the moment and are shaking with excitement to add more. If you’re scientifically literate and want to run specific experiments, hit us up and we'll roll.

Need to change things up?
We got your back.

We've got smart settings for delivery preferences and goals.

This feature feels like living in the future. When you go on a business trip or vacation, Clockwork can go with you. Seriously, no broken diet when traveling. We can send meals to your hotel or AirBnB without any disruption.
Effortlessly switch body composition goals
Maybe you lose six pounds of fat in a month and want to start building more muscle. Takes a couple of minutes and we'll adjust all the macros.
Cycle calories to get more on your workout days
We'll change your calorie and macronutrients for days you work out on. This is what most bodybuilders and endurance athletes do. Let us know your workout days and we'll typically send you more calories and protein on those days.
Batched Meals
Get multiple meals delivered at once for a day or the weekend. We recommend getting each meal hot and fresh, but it's an option if it's convenient for you.

Clockwork Nutrition is awesome — it distills my discipline to a single decision. Did the food come through the door or not? If yes, eat it. If no, don’t eat it. My life is pretty busy and Clockwork helps by removing the weight of a thousand food decisions on me. It makes getting nutrition right very simple.

Willie Williams
— Engineering Manager, Lyft

Ready to get started?

We’re the world’s first 100% automated personalized nutrition service. All of your food just shows up. We use established high-quality restaurants and mainstream delivery services. We calculate all your meals from algorithms and use machine learning to proactively address any decreases in performance and to eliminate increases in hunger, as well as tune meals towards what you like. Everything is reviewed by a smart nutritionally sound human before sending. We handle all meal planning, choices, adjustments, logistics, scheduling, and delivery. Food just shows up with perfect nutrition. Get the body composition you want and increased mental and physical performance. Saves between 3.5 hours and 15 hours per week for most people.

We have a waiting list since we want to deliver exceptional service. We’ll get to you as soon as we can! Price is surprisingly affordable; we run at break-even on costs currently as we’re growing. No credit card or payment required to apply now and reserve your spot.